The Tree, by: G. Burce Bunao

THE TREE (Ramon Arthur B. Gungob Class 801) 

By G. Burce Bunao 
The tree was very beautiful to me When I was a boy I climbed for fruit or out of a branch of the tree Made me a toy— A top, for instance, that spun around, carefree And wound for joy Until it toppled over and was dead. No longer the boy, I find the tree as beautiful as though not Just for branch Or a bunch of fruit but-more than that-for a bed Or to fence the ranch In which I raise the beasts that fill the pot In the many shapes My simple commerce turn them to like bread Or fish or grapes To feed the brood the little woman me. There go the boys. Go watch them, strong limb; spread up the tree, They pluck their toys Out of its branches, as out of my childhood tree I shaped my joys. 
Analysis: Every little thing that happens in our childhood is somewhat memorable. It makes us smile everytime we reminisce to those memories. This poem is also pertaining to the joys of the childrenwhile playing in the tree. Those moments still remains every time a child see the tree that becomes a part of their lives.
Rhyme Scheme: A-A-A-B-C-D-D-E-A-B-A-B-A
Imagery: A child playing with toys. 
Figurative Language: Simile 
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